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Ethics as innovation

By Karen Wensley A culture that encourages individuals to look at issues from different angles is likely to attract great people and win awards for creative solutions. I was recently sitting in a boardroom waiting for a meeting to start. … Continue reading

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Bad for business

By Lora Grady Hiring toxic employees can seriously affect a company’s output and overall success. Here’s how to avoid bringing them on in the first place. Imagine coming to work, ready to face the day with a smile on your … Continue reading

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Disrupting the bankers

By Adam Creighton New opportunities to reduce the cost of business borrowing could cut swathes of profit from the traditional banking industry. Australia’s big banks (which are also New Zealand’s big banks) are renowned for their stellar profits, generating returns on equity above 15% every year since … Continue reading

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Think small

By Aaron Watson Big data, lies and statistics – how can we be sure we are dealing with truth? One of the masterminds behind LEGO’s rejuvenation shares his insights. The whole world has gone too far on big data, believing that … Continue reading

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Accountants must rebrand themselves

Professor Jacob Soll delves into the profession’s past and makes the case for why accountants must rebrand themselves as accounting leaders.