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Road to recovery

By David Malamed

What solutions exist to improve the possibility of recouping losses, which can range from small amounts to some of staggering proportions?

“In 2013 recovery auditors returned more than US$3 billion into [Medicare’s] coffers,” US publication Modern Healthcare reported in September 2014, noting that providers that appealed those audits won fewer than one in five tries. “In total, Medicare’s recovery auditor contractors, or RACs, found US$3.75 billion of incorrect payments made to hospitals and doctors in fiscal 2013,” according to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services annual report to Congress. “Of that total, US$3.65 billion was related to overpayments.” Continue Reading →

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Gaffe training

by Lisa van de Geyn

Cringe-worthy blunders are a fact of office life, but you don’t have to suffer in humiliation. Here are some common workplace faux pas and tips on how to recover gracefully.

When Michael Banks* overhears a senior colleague say he must urgently get into the server and printer room, he sees an opportunity to impress. Since the room is locked and the key is missing, the young, ambitious employee offers to crawl through the ceiling from an adjacent area to open the door from the inside. Continue Reading →

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The mindful miner

By Peter Carter

Vale’s base metal boss and Canadian CEO Jennifer Maki believes in building bridges, staying connected and delivering results. And she does it her way.

It was a February Friday in 2007. Jennifer Maki was given a choice. At the time, Maki was assistant treasurer at Vale Canada, a subsidiary of the biggest iron-ore mining company in the world, Rio de Janeiro-based Vale. Like lots of Vale’s senior positions, Maki’s duties were moving to head office in Brazil. The question was: would she rather take an 18-month buyout package or stay with Vale in Toronto in a yet-to-be-determined position? Continue Reading →

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AI: The Human Connection

By Dwayne Bragonier

Brain-computer interface technology will allow the advantages of AI to combine directly with all the advantages of human intelligence.

Over the past 25 years, there’s been a huge disruption in how we communicate. Cellular, Bluetooth, Near Field Communication (NFC) and Internet access have transformed the way we transfer information from one place to another. We can use a variety of devices to pay with a tap, shop online, play games, perform research, present ideas, share documents and make video and/or audio calls anytime, anywhere. This is about to change. Continue Reading →

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Asking the tough questions

By Karen Wensley

Surely we lose something when we shut down our human response to a situation and rely only on our professional role.

I read an interesting article in The New Scientist magazine about designing simulated robotic patients for medical students to practise on. They were incorporating facial expressions so the trainee doctors could get feedback on the experience of pain in their patients. In passing, the article mentioned that clinicians are significantly less able to notice pain in the subjects than are the general public. Perhaps, they hypothesized, medical training made the doctors less empathetic. Continue Reading →

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Make up your mind

By Lora Grady

Indecision doesn’t just waste time — it can seriously damage a leader’s credibility and reputation. Here’s what you need to know to step up your decision-making skills and start making tough calls fast.

Brenda Gefucia had a problem. The accountant and vice-president of consulting and coaching solutions at Toronto’s Forrest & Co. had a direct report who needed to make a decision about letting an unsatisfactory employee go and he was putting it off. The delay wasn’t just causing Gefucia to question his leadership skills — his entire team was becoming more impatient. “Other people were forced to take on the extra workload and resentment built up,” she says. Gefucia eventually stepped in to insist the director make the call, but it was too late: there was an imprint on his reputation and it was clear he needed coaching. Continue Reading →