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Toxic colleague hacks

Toxic co-workers are easy to spot. They’re hard on morale, they gripe and seem to delight in bringing the rest of the office to whatever dark place they like to dwell in. Problem is, they’ll always be a workplace fixture, which is why learning how to deal with these unpleasant colleagues is a necessity.

For starters, avoid gossiping with these people; let them know you’re not interested in the rumour mill. Next, keep your relationship strictly professional and guard that boundary like a Rottweiler. Finally, know when to go to the higher-ups and focus on your job. Unless the tantrum of the day directly involves you or your work, mind your own business. (Bonus: this will show your boss that you take your work seriously and are able to stay above the fray. Promotion, anyone?)

This article was originally published in the December 2017 issue of CPA Magazine.